4″ Coaxial Speakers

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Part Number: Z4CX

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The Z-series coaxials make upgrading your stock speakers a snap.  They are designed to fit a wide variety of today’s most popular vehicles, and vastly improve your sound at the same time.  So, whether you’re replacing your old and worn out stock speakers, or looking for an easy upgrade to complete your new head unit purchase; the Z-Series have you covered.


  • Multi-fit Basket Design
    Our intelligent basket design uses multiple mounting holes and tabs, allowing them to fit into both 6” and 6.5” speaker holes, making them an easy direct swap for your factory speakers
  • Shallow Mount Design
    Our shallow mount basket design (44mm) will fit into even the most space conscious of vehicles, allowing you to get great sound into the most difficult of vehicles
  • Z-Series Cone
    Our high quality polypropylene cone material is extremely robust, yet light and strong, providing you with years of upgraded sound quality.
  • Butyl Rubber Surround
    Pairing with our polypropylene cone, our butyl rubber surround provides accurate control of the speaker’s movement, while maintaining durability in the harsh vehicle environment.

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