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Stinger Powersports 10″ Marine-Grade Subwoofer

Product Summary
Part Number: SEA10S4
Barcode: 609099000000
Selected Part Number: SEA10S4
General Product Information

Your active lifestyle shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your music. Stinger’s SEA10S4 subwoofers offer amazing sound quality with robust construction and marine safety.

What makes it marine safe?
The fully marinized construction body is designed for salt & freshwater conditions coupled with UV tested that exceeds industry standards for years of durability.
With it’s salt and fog tested design, the SEA10S4 is ready to battle the harshest environments.

Butyl rubber surrounds provide the flexibility and durability you need in a marine environment. These carefully chosen surrounds have a far longer life span than the standard rubber surrounds, and they possess the ability to withstand heat, cold and challenging environments, all to keep your subwoofers and speakers reliable for years to come.

No Corrosion Found Here
The Stinger Powersports 10″ subwoofer features precision non-corrosive terminals to create a solid connection, unlike standard subwoofers where corrosion can lead to damage of not only the subwoofer but the amplifier connected.

The Box, THE BOX!
The Stinger Powersports subwoofers offer many installation options to suit your installation. Designed for free air installation, sealed enclosures or ported enclosures, the SEA10S4 can be installed pretty much anywhere.

Refer to the installation notes for enclosure recommended sizes and tuning.

The stylish White/Silver colour combo

Product Compatibility Information
Woofer Size

10″ / 254MM

Voice Coil Configuration

Single 4 Ohm

Power Rating

150w RMS / 300w MAX