Phoenix Gold Subwoofers – Ti Series

Our Ti series subwoofers are the perfect fusion of advanced acoustic design and state of the art technology. Similar to the Elite series, the Ti subwoofers are engineered for powerful outputs, producing accurate sound quality and massive SPL performance.

  • 40mm of peak to peak excursion for effective air mass movement
  • 63mm Ultra High Temp Copper Wound Voice Coil
  • Radial Backplate Venting System
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Former
  • Easy Connect Single Location Push Terminal
  • Long Throw Dual Spider Suspension
  • Woven Tinsel Leads
  • One Piece Injection Polypropylene Dustcap
  • Rigid, multilayer pressed, air-dried paper membrane
  • High Excursion CAE/CAD Motor Design
  • High Roll Butyl Rubber Double Stitched Surround
  • Optimized for Sealed or Vented Enclosures
  • Rigid Powder Coated Anti-Resonant Cast basket

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