Phoenix Gold Speakers – Z Series

The Z-series component and coaxial speakers have been specifically designed to make upgrading your factory speakers quick and easy. This series combines our Multi-fit Baskets and Shallow Mount design to ensure you can improve the sound quality and reliability of your sound system without the hassles. So whether you are simply replacing blown factory speakers, or upgrading to get the most out of your new head unit, Z-series has you covered.

  • Compact design for installation in very flat doors (Components Only)
  • High-quality polypropylene cone material
  • Space-saving internal crossover
  • Polyetherimid tweeter (PEI)
  • Mid-bass in powder-coated anti-resonant steel basket
  • Flush profile tweeters and a compact basket design for easy installation
  • Quality butyl rubber surround for excellent durability

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